Guide On Grooming To Help The Bald Man

It is somehow inevitable that most men will lose at least some hair during their lifetimes, but there is also a large number that will eventually lose it all. It is a reality and the earlier you accept it the better. Though there are certain preventive measures and treatment options involving medication that you can take to help maintain some hair on your head. However, for the sake of this article, I am going to assume that you have accepted your condition and that you are going to embrace your new shiny head.

One of the major advantages of baldness is that it requires little or no maintenance. Gone are the day when you would spend a lot of time preening your new hair style.  All you can do now is to put on clothes and out you go. However, you might still consider caring for your appearance though. Here is a guide that will help you look your good with your bald head.

Keep Your Hair Short

This is the general rule for bald headed men. Short hair reduces the balding appearance and also gives your hair some lift which makes your head look like you have more hair. Though most people don’t believe this and try to maintain their old styles, but if you have ever seen men with a big bald spot, you must have noticed that their long hair make the bald spot appear bigger. With this general rule, you can look good in several hair styles. So go short if you want avoid that bald appearance on your head.


Clean Shave

The clean shave is a good option for those who have a very large spots covering a good portion of their heads. This kind of shave has a lot of benefit. First, it will free you from pressure of ever styling your hair again and you can wash your scalp using the same bar soap you use on your body. It can also be your signature look and everyone will always remember you. Shaving your head clean can also make a statement to the world. It can show the world that you have accepted your condition and decided to remain like that.

Buzz Cut

If you feel that the clean shaven head is too severe for you or you just feel like you can’t pull it off, but you still need something simple, the buzz cut can be a great option for you especially if your hair has begun to thin on your crown or along your hairline. The buzz cut will give you a clean yet edgy look that will make ladies go mad at you. That sounds cool. Isn’t it? Try it out and notice the difference.

Grow Facial Hair

A lot of people with bald head look good with some facial hair. The facial hair directs attention from your balding head to your face. As such, you will not have to worry how much attention people pay on your bald head.

If you are not sure on which way to go, seek advice from hair stylist like a barber anytime you are in for a haircut. Don’t feel embarrassed to talk to him about your problem. Think of hair stylists as your doctor because they have seen such kind of things uncountable times.


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