Do You Keep Your Hairy Dye Treatment Long?

Hair-dyeing treatments are popular as simple hair dye that just replaces hair treatments you usually use in daily baths. Compared with the type of white hair dye which forcibly peels off the cuticle by color chemicals and gives it color, the power that can color the gray hair with a single use may inevitably be somewhat inferior. However, the hair dyeing treatment that dyes white hair by natural dye ingredients does not cause that color to fall once it is dyed hairy dye treatment long.

There is no need to use treatment type of white hair dye for every daily bath. Everyday use is ideal for about the first 3 or 4 times until color is entered into the gray hair, but if the color enters to a certain extent, afterwards it keeps the black hair sufficiently even with about once for 3 times shampoo You can do it. Even if you do not follow the frequency of 3 times shampoo once, the dyed part will not come back white, but since gray hair grows from the root of hair, it is not easy to get hairy hair once at 3 times It is said to be ideal to use treatments.

Hairy Dye Treatment

Hair-dyeing treatment is a hair styling that has been developed on the premise that it will be used in everyday shampoo. Therefore, it is not a type of gray hair dye of which color has a few weeks if it is used once like common hair dyeing. Since I dyes gray hair little by little with everyday shampoo, I can not realize the dramatic change that white hair becomes black in one use. It is necessary to keep five to six times at least daily use in order to dye pure white hair in black.

Depending on how much gray hair you have before using white hair dye, in the case that gray hair has become conspicuous, at first it is continued 3 to 4 consecutive uses, more gray hair than black hair In case, 5- to 6 consecutive use seems to be effective. In the case that the gray hair comes out with chilla hora and begins to worry, at first it is used for 3 to 4 times in a row to seal the gray hair that is anxious, after that it is used every time the gray hair becomes anxious , The use frequency can be adjusted by yourself, it is a convenient point of treatment type of white hair loss.

In order to keep hair stains permeated into the hair with natural dyes even a little, it is not a way to leave the state of wet hair indefinitely, but there is a method of drying the hair with a dryer and the like and trapping the dye component in the cuticle I’m looking forward to it. Since the cuticle where the hair is wet is in the open state, when the hair gets on a pillow etc., the dye component attached to the hair may move to the pillow. Therefore, if you use a hair dye treatment, it may be a trick to get hair to dry quickly with a dryer and devise to not let the dye escape, even if you can make your hairy dye a day even a little.

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